Hi! I'm Carolann

I'm a graphic designer, letterer, side hustler, and the owner here at Pink House Press. I started my journey as a business owner on Etsy in early 2013 selling a print dedicated to my home and alma mater, North Carolina, and pressing it on my handmade letterpress. Several years, side hustles, and ditched day jobs later, I've grown Pink House Press into two Etsy shops, a Minted store, a Zazzle store, and have had products sold in major retailers. I love picking up new skills and believe hand lettering should be classified as a superpower.

The name "Pink House Press" is dedicated to the house I lived in during college with a group of girls who would become lifelong friends. I was living in the Pink House when I fell in love with my graphic design (and my husband) at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I think it holds a special creative "juju" inside. Other creatives rumored to have lived there include Ben Folds during the formation of Ben Folds Five, and (verified true) a resident who was inspired to make a movie based on the house. Whatever rumors may exist, I like to think a special spirit of creativity lingers there and that I picked some of it up along the way.

I now work from my home office in Washington, DC where I love to work out on our balcony with my dog, Luna, at my feet.

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